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Horizontal Wood Blinds

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$1.70 CAD
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  • Dimensions of the slats: 2″
  • Custom-made Canadian product
  • Ideal for: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and basement
  • Number of colours available: 18
  • Valance options: flat / embossed
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Slat material: linden wood (ultra-light)
  • Lifetime warranty on all mechanisms
  • Minimum depth required for inner installation: 2 ¼″
  • Maximum dimensions: 102″ wide × 126″ high
  • Child-safe product approved by Health Canada
  • Starting from: $72.00

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Wood blinds

Regular price $1.70 CAD
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  • 6 colors available

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Wood blinds

About the horizontal wooden blind

Our high quality wooden awning is made exclusively from linden wood, the slat pivoting system is managed by a rope system which ensures a much easier and faster movement than the traditional swivel rod.

Our wooden awning offers you the choice between 2 styles of valence, the first one being an ideal flat valence for interior installations, the second is a valence with worked relief which is similar to the relief on traditional window moldings. This can be used very well for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Due to its manufacture in linden which has the property of being very light, our wooden blind allows you to cover larger windows with a single piece. This type of blind is very versatile since the pivoting of the slats allows us to switch from a brightness maximum to near perfect opacity. The horizontal wood blind can perfectly dress any room in your home, Whether for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or basement, this blind will perfectly meet all your needs.

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