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Aluminum Blinds

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$1.40 CAD
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  • Dimensions of the slats: 2″
  • Slat thickness: 21 mm
  • Custom-made Canadian product
  • Ideal for: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and basement
  • Number of colours available: 6
  • Includes valance
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Slat material: aluminum
  • Lifetime warranty on all mechanisms
  • Minimum depth required for inner installation: 2¼″
  • Maximum dimensions: 102″ wide × 126″ high
  • Child-safe product approved by Health Canada
  • Starting from: $52.00

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Aluminum Blinds Aluminium

Regular price $1.40 CAD
On sale at $0.70 CAD
  • Aluminium
    6 colors available

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Aluminum Blinds

Horizontal aluminum blinds

Our aluminum blinds are manufactured entirely in Quebec and feature top-quality mechanisms. The slats have a thickness of 21 mm and a width of 2″.

Our blinds are among the best on the market and come equipped with an aluminum valance and a slat tilting mechanism controlled by a cord.

These modern-looking blinds are available at very low cost, an excellent option for limited budgets, and feature the same characteristics as the more expensive wood blinds.

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