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Zebra Sheer Shades

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Horizontal alternating blinds have gained popularity for their versatility and style. Made of fabric, alternating blinds are much more aesthetically pleasing than vinyl blinds. Their system allows for the blind to be opened or closed at any height. When completely closed, they offer you total privacy, while when slightly open, they are translucent. It's the perfect choice to enjoy the view while maintaining privacy.



  • Common names: Zebra, Day&Night
  • Custom-made Canadian product
  • Ideal for: living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office
  • Number of fabric collections available: 5
  • Number of colours available: 15
  • Includes: cassette, bottom rail, ultra-resistant PVC chain, and mounting hardware
  • Includes bottom rail: the colour of the triangular aluminum base is the same as that of the cassette
  • Composition of fabrics: 100% polyester
  • Lifetime warranty on all mechanisms
  • Dimensions of the cassette: 3″ × 3″
  • Dimensions of the horizontal bands: opaque fabric 3″ high / sheer fabric 2″ high
  • Maximum dimensions: 102″ wide × 126″ high
  • Minimum depth required for inner installation: 2½″
  • Comes equipped with a child-safe tensioning device approved by Health Canada.
  • Starting from: $128.09

Delivery time: +/- 10 days

"All orders leaving the factory from May 1st, 2022, onwards will be equipped with a system compliant with Health Canada's new regulations."

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Zebra Sheer Shades Milan

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  • Milan

    Opaque bands that have a synthetic-style texture combined with sheer bands that are widely woven in a criss-cross pattern.

    3 colors available
  • Classic

    Same characteristics as the Raphael collection, but with black bands.

    1 color available
  • Nocturnal Blackout

    Ideal choice for rooms that require as much darkness as possible. Available only in pale grey with broader opaque and sheer bands.

    2 colors available
  • Opal
    5 colors available
  • Woody

    Woody is our collection in earth tones, the black sheer is woven wide and allows excellent outward vision.

    4 colors available
Inner frame
Outer frame
Unique blind
Double blind
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Manual chain and safe system
Motorized on 120v 359.00$
Motorized 12v rechargeable 289.00$
Motorized 12v so simple 98.00$
Rounded fabric covered

Zebra Blind for Window - Buy Custom Zebra Blinds Online

Our Premium Italian Collections of Zebra Blinds.

We offer you top quality with our Italian import collection at half the price.

  • The extruded aluminum cassette (which conceals the roller and mechanism) is included and is available in 4 colors. You can cover it with the same fabric.
  • An ultra-resistant PVC chain (50 LBS test) and a tensioning device approved by Health Canada.
  • Lifetime warranty on all our mechanisms.
  • Explanation of the Zebra Blind System.

    This blind, created in 2010, allows you to alternate between a day position, which combines the veils of the 2 fabrics allowing you an outward view, and an evening position that moves the translucent strips to offer you total privacy, regardless of color or texture.

    The zebra fabric can also roll up completely to clear the window.

    Names of Zebra Blinds.

    Several manufacturers offer this same type of blind under different trademarks. Some also call it day & night.

    Choose the Quality and Making of Zebra Blinds.

    Our zebra blinds are designed in our factory located in Montreal and undergo meticulous quality control. Our factory has modern equipment and constantly renews itself.

    Always on the lookout for the latest trends, we choose all our fabrics carefully to satisfy our customers.

    Characteristics of Zebra Roller Blind Fabric

    • Ideal for privacy;
    • Sun protection against UV and infrared rays
    • Window dressing according to trends;
    • Exceptional look.

    Easy to install, see yourself !